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Shishunaga Dynasty In Bihar

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Shishunaga Dynasty :

According to Sri Lankan chronicles, the people of Magadha revolted during the reign of Nagadasaka, the hereditary king and elected an Amatya (minister) named Shishunaga as the king. The Shishunaga dynasty lasted from 413 BCE to 345 BCE.

Shishunaga :

  • He is believed to be the viceroy of Kasi before becoming king of Magadha.
  • He made Girivraja(modern day Rajgir, Bihar) his capital, however later he shifted the capital to Vaishali.
  • Shishunaga further strengthened the Magadhan empire during his time.
  • His greatest military achievement was that he destroyed the power of Avanti and ended the old rivalry between Magadha and Avanti. 
  • Avanti was annexed to the Magadha empire and it continued to be so till the end of the Mauryan empire.
  •  The Pradyota Dynasty of Avanti ceased to exist after the conquest of Avanti by Shishunaga.


  • He was the son of Shishunaga. 
  • He was also known as Kakavarna due to his dark complexion.
  • Kalasoka shifted the capital from Rajagriha to Pataliputra(modern day Patna, Bihar).
  • There is not much information available about his military achievements.
  • The Second Buddhist Council was conducted during the reign of Kalasoka at Vaishali in 383 BCE.
  • He was killed in a palace revolution that brought Mahapadmananda (First ruler of Nanda dynasty) to the throne.

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