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Ancient History MCQs – 1 (Pre-Historic Period)

Pre-Historic Period MCQs with answers and explanations for preparation of UPSC, BPSC, UPPSC and other State PSC Examinations


Ancient History Mini Tests

Ancient History MCQs 1 - Pre-Historic Period

Stone Age

Syllabus - Pre-Historic Period

Resource to Study : Pre-Historic Period

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Q. A prehistoric site Gufkral is located in which state / Union Territory of India?



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Q. The earliest evidence of rice cultivation comes from which among the following river valleys ?


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Q. Bone implements have been found from which of the following place ?


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Q. What are the Megaliths ?

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Q. The first Paleolithic tool in India was discovered by Robert Bruce Foote. He was a/an :

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Q. Who coined the terms "Paleolithic"  ?

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Q. The earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian Subcontinent is found at :


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Q. Consider the following pairs:

     Paleolithic Age Site           State
1.    Bhimbetka                             :  Madhya Pradesh
2.    Hunsgi                                   :  Karnataka
3.    Sarai Nahar Rai                   :  Bihar
4.    Chirand                                 :  Uttar Pradesh

Which of the above pairs are correctly matched?

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Q. Consider the following statements:

  1.  AD stands for two Latin words, ‘Anno Domini’, meaning ‘In the year of the Lord’.
  2. Sometimes CE is used instead of AD and BCE instead of BC. The letters CE stand for ‘Common Era’ and BCE for ‘Before Common Era’.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


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Q. The earliest evidence of domestication of animals has been provided by Adamagarh. It is located in which of the following states ?


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