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Ancient History MCQs – 4 (Rig Vedic/Later Vedic Period)

Rig Vedic/Later Vedic Period MCQs with answers and explanations for preparation of UPSC, BPSC, UPPSC and other State PSC Examinations


Ancient History Mini Tests

Ancient History MCQs 4- Rig Vedic/Later Vedic Period

Vedic Period for UPSC, BPSc, UPPSC

Syllabus - Rig Vedic/Later Vedic Period

Resource to Study : Rig vedic Period , Later Vedic Period


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Q.Dasarajana was:


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Q.Which of the following Vedic deities is not mentioned in the Boghazkoi inscription?


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Q.The staple food of the Vedic Aryan was:

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Q.The word 'Aryan' denotes: 

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Q.Below are rivers along with their Rig-Vedic names. Which among the following are correctly matched:

1) Indus - Sindhu

2) Jhelum - Vitasta

3) Chenab - Askini

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Q.Consider the following statements about the Rig Vedic society. 

  1. The Rig Vedic society was matriarchal. 
  2. Women were allowed to participate in literary activities.
  3. The basic unit of society was the family whose head was called Gahapati.

Select the correct answer using the codes below.


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Q.Consider the following with reference to the ‘Painted Grey Ware’.

  1. PGW is a predecessor of the Black and red ware culture.
  2. PGW sites can be found in Ganges-Basin.

Select the correct answer using the codes below.

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Q. With reference to the Vedic civilization, Rajasuya, Asvamedha and Vajpeya were:

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Q. Sabha and Samiti were two democratic institutions of

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Q. In which ancient text do you find the earliest reference to the Varna System?

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Q. Which of the following Gods do not belong to the Rigvedic period ?

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