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Who are NRIs ?


Non resident Indians(NRIs) are the Indian citizens who are temporarily living abroad. They are the integral part of vibrant Indian Diaspora.

Government of India has specified two conditions for a person to be designated as Non resident Indian(NRI). If a person satisfies either of the two conditions, He is considered as a NRI.

  • If an Indian citizen residing outside India for a total of at least 183 days in a financial year.


  • If an Indian citizen resides in India for less than 365 days during the past 4 years preceding the current year and less than 60 days in the current year.

Important points you should know about the Non resident Indians are :

  1. NRIs are the Citizen of India. They enjoy the same voting rights as normal Indian citizens.
  2. NRIs are required to pay the income tax on their Indian income like the normal resident Indians.
  3. NRIs hold an Indian Passport.
  4. If a NRI wishes to take up foreign citizenship, he/she will have to give up the Indian citizenship.